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Join the Team

To apply for a Staff position with The Milestone please e-mail us:

Who makes up your staff?

The staff positions consist of Co-Editors-in-Chief, Section Editors, Photography Editors, Copy Editor, and a Marketing Manager who meet on a weekly basis to execute the creation of yearbook copy, photos, and layouts to form the Milestone.

Other members of staff also include: writers and photographers. For detailed descriptions of these and all Milestone positions, visit our Staff Page. Being on staff will develop skills in leadership, creativity, equipment use, delegation, and communication.

What are the requirements for potential Milestone Editors?

  1. All Milestone Editors are required to attend ALL Milestone Editor meetings UNLESS given special permission by Editors-in-Chief.
  2. All Milestone Editors are required to have good working relationship and a good level of communication with other members and actively organize other staffers' work.
  3. All Milestone Editors are required to schedule and work at least 2 office hours a week and attend Production Nights.
  4. All Milestone Editors MUST meet all deadlines and have work completed before heading home for the summer (or before they get paid!).
  5. Successful academic performance is essential for the editors of the yearbook. Therefore, we ask that you sign the waiver for a member of the Student Development staff to check your academic record.

**Please note that many Milestone positions may take a lot of time, and your availability will be considered over experience. (But that doesn't mean you can't do other things if you manage your time well!)