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About Us

As time and seasons change, so does the face of the college community. To preserve a yearly segment of this change, the yearbook staff produces the Milestone.

The Milestone staff is made of about 15-20 students, including editors, writers, photographers, and designers. Annual events for the yearbook staff include a trip to the production plant to see the entire process unfold as well as attending the National College Media Conference where we learn the fundamentals of yearbook production.

The Milestone is open to all students interested.

The Milestone's Rich History

The Hope College Milestone is one of the oldest publications documenting Hope's and Hollands history's. However, it is not the oldest. The Anchor was started in 1887 as a student-run publication. Through 1914 it was a pamphlet-type of publication with literary articles as well as news.

Gerrit J. Kollen served as Hope President from 1893-1911 and served instrumental in the growth of the college. As the college grew, new things were being added. The Milestone was launched as a single edition in 1905, and became annual in 1916. During this period students became active in organized athletics and the Pull became an annual event.

The Milestone as well as Joint-Archives have yearbooks from numerous years dating back many years. In our personal collection, we have 1 edition of the 1905 book. Upon review of this book, it has no apparant documentation of the word "Milestone." This first edition, entitled The Hope College Annval, refers to itself as "The Annual" and talks about College life and a the city of Holland containing approximatley 10,000 people.

The first book that we have called The Milestone is from 1916. It includes many more pictures, however it contains its fair share of hand drawings. It states that it was sponsored by the Junior class and was an attempt to once and for all continue an annual publication from Hope. Their wishes came true, as The Milestone has been published ever since, and is now in its 88th Volume of publication.